Lothario Loses!

That’s right. We came in dead last last night. We had the biggest crowd, by almost ALL accounts the best set by far, we were the only band that followed all the rules, and we lost the Klash of the Bands / Klash Drums Band Battle. We never saw the final scores for any of the bands.
But no worries — we had a lot of fun and rocked a house full of our people in my hometown of NE Minneapolis. Thanks so much to those of you who came out. I just wish you wouldn’t have wasted your money on that cover that we saw none of.
I hope Klash and the other sponsors of this event were present last night and at the other nights so they can see the “value” they’re getting for their investment.
Congratulations to the winners. They played… Well, they played.


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The Ill Pirsona is an emcee and musician in the Minneapolis hip-hop band Lothario.

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