Lothario is auditioning guitar players and other musicians!

As much as we didn’t want to lose CJ the show must go on and so we are currently trying out musicians. Mainly guitar players but we are also interested in finding keyboards, horns, or anything else that will add to our sound. So if you are available, can practice at least once a week with us in North Minneapolis (currently Sunday afternoons and also some Friday evenings), then get at me at illpirsona@lotharioband.com and I’ll take a look at your info and pass it on to the fellas and you’ll probably get to try out with us! Simple as that for your simple ass.
PS if you already know any of our music when you try out that’s always bonus points.

The Ill Pirsona is an emcee and musician in the Minneapolis hip-hop band Lothario.

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No shows booked at the moment.

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