So is a band named Lothario full of ladies’ men? Nay! It’s just a
badass name! Sure, there is some symbolism buried in there; They may
seduce a crowd — or a beer — or even test the faith of a true live music
lover. That’s all beside the point; the true aim of this band is to tap
into the raw emotions of the listener — whether exuberant, somber, even
downright malicious — and render them transparent in a moment of true
honesty. In other words, they want you to nod your head and say “that
shit’s tight!”

Lothario is a hip-hop band, but each member brings a distinctive musical
personality to the table:
Emcee Ill Pirsona rhymes somewhere between the in-your-face political
fervor of Chuck D and the everyday struggle reflectivity of Ghostface,
all in a precisely metered swagger. Fellow emcee Deep Easy blends
indie rap’s literary examinations of universal themes with punishing
Wu-Tang influenced cadence and wordplay. Bassist Knuckleball Ned propels
songs with jazz-tinged classic funk and rock underpinnings while the emcees
add melodies with the instruments they play. Bringing it all together,
drummer DJ Turtle impresses with styles ranging from minimalist
knockin’ beats to bombastic jazz fusion, always sounding both edgy and

As is the way of many bands, Lothario has seen some original members
move on. One bassist, one drummer, one guitar player, and the original
third emcee all contributed largely to this musical project. But today
we see Lothario renewed, refined, and retooled; streamlined for the
road ahead. On the strength of their friendships — both old and new — and
their diverse take on live music, Lothario is poised to seduce some eardrums.

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